V4 C3 – She who wished to be happy Part 1

Let’s get going again with guess what Item that is– I mean, our chapter~!

Which is the correct spelling of the french fry’s baby form? (lol)

pootaattoooo, potate, potato, papato,

By 猛美ゆう

Hello, the name's Yuu. Just your average lazy translator. I can't update every month but I will try giving you decent enough translations :]

6 replies on “V4 C3 – She who wished to be happy Part 1”

I got sick rip ;;;; I would be translating again since there’s no school lololol but this time I wanna focus on getting everything correct and try to convey the novel correctly so it might take some time. Thanks for helping last chapter!


Yay you replied :DDDDD. Its not corona is it?! Hope you’re livin strong. You can find me at uwuwu#8932 btw!


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